Hidden Cakes Near London’s British Museum

Looking at the Cake Shop

Looking at the Cake Shop

It’s no secret that I love sweets and I am always looking for bakeries and dessert shops when I travel. In London, just around the corner from the British Museum, is a small cake shop filled with delicacies. Located through the entrance of an independent book store, the London Review Cake Shop has been enticing locals and tourists alike for over five years.

The shop is small—no more than eight tables—with a few stools against the wall. There are some lunch options like salads, baguettes, soup and quiche, but the big draws are pastries. With yummy desserts like triple frosted carrot cake, chocolate Guinness cake, apple and Earl Grey cake, lemon cake with rosemary, triple chocolate swirl cookies or an apple and almond tart, it will be hard for any visitor to resist. Pastry options change daily which makes for a special surprise.

Goodies at the counter

Goodies at the counter

Most options run roughly three or four pounds each and the shop offers various accompanying tea options sorted into categories such as white, green, black, oolong or herbal teas. Teas in tins are available as gifts. Coffee types are also listed on large blackboards such as espresso, macchiato, Americano, latte or even hot chocolate.

The shop is decorated with local theatre posters and the friendly service is organized. With little spare room (this shop is cramped), the counter has a sign advising visitors that the wait staff will come to them. Without the organization, there would be little space to move. I would recommend timing visits during off-times when customers are fewer.

Reading at the counter

Reading at the counter

This shop looks out into a quiet Bloomsbury courtyard. With the added perk of being attached to the London Review Bookshop, the tempting pastries and atmosphere make this “dessert oasis” a find.


I especially like the apple and almond tart, as well as the apple and Earl Grey cake. On my last visit to London, I sadly missed out on the chocolate Guinness cake which I really want to try. I even took the tube across town for a sample and was disappointed to find out that the last slice of this cake had just been sold!


British tea shops are an art form and the London Review Cake Shop is a masterpiece. For visitors looking for a break from the crowds at the British Museum, less than five minutes around a corner is a pastry shop calling your name. I know the chocolate Guinness cake is calling mine.

London Review Cake Shop
14 Bury Place
London, WC1A 2JL
Phone: (0207)269-9045
Tube: Tottenham Court Road

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