Fresh Focaccia in San Francisco


In the North Beach part of San Francisco is a neighborhood institution, which has been in business since 1911. In a 100-year-old oven, Liguria Bakery prepares fresh Italian focaccia bread like visitors would find in Italy. Supplying restaurants and selling to locals and tourists alike, Liguria has a variety of choices including plain, onion, pizza, raisin, garlic, rosemary, mushroom and jalapeno cheese.

Raisin focaccia bread

Raisin focaccia bread

The bakery doesn’t look like much from the outside and on the inside the shelves are empty, with a few newspaper clippings and a San Francisco Giants banner on the wall. It’s in the back where the fresh bread is found. Each loaf is wrapped in string and butcher paper like a gift and is reasonably priced by San Francisco standards at $4.00 to $5.00 per loaf. Be sure to arrive early as there will be lines and different flavors will quickly run out. My personal favorite is raisin, but I’ve had the plain and rosemary breads too.

This bakery does not accept credit cards so be sure to bring cash.

Unfortunately, there are no seats inside the bakery but just outside is Washington Square where visitors can sit on a park bench and watch morning tai chi from different Chinatown groups. Be aware that park pigeons can be a problem as flocks of birds may surround visitors, greedily eyeing the bread.

As Liguria sells just focaccia bread, visitors may want to bring their own coffee or drinks. There are several good coffee shops in the area.

This bakery never changes. Every time I’ve visited the staff is the same and the quality of the bread remains as good as previous visits.

San Francisco is not a cheap city and eating out can be expensive. For a reasonably priced breakfast, Liguria Bakery is a find. The focaccia is deliciously filling and a large loaf won’t last past breakfast. I sometimes carry a loaf in my backpack for the hike to nearby Coit Tower, but the bread never lasts long.

A sign I don't want to see at Liguria Bakery

A sign I don’t want to see at Liguria Bakery

Liguria Bakery
1700 Stockton Street
San Francisco, California 94133

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